Statutory Compliances & Controls


Statutory compliance means compliance to be done under the various statutes or law wherein it is the statutory or legal obligation on the individual (includes companies) to be comply there-under. Statutory compliance is very wide it may be labour compliance, Taxation compliance etc. and if individual will not comply under them then criminal liabilities may arise.
These compliances’ importance depends on the nature of compliance like labour compliances are meant for the welfare, safety and health of the labours.

Following are the major statutory compliances taken care by Primeone;

1. Labour contract act
2. Employee state insurance
3. Provident fund
4. Minimum wages act
5. Equal remuneration act
6. Maternity Benefit Act
7. Employment Exchange Act Form ER - 1
8. Labour Welfare Fund Act Deposit
9. Payment of Bonus Act
10. Payment of wages act

Following Audit support is provided by Primeone;

1. Display an abstract of the Act in English & Hindi
2. Display of notices showing in English & Hindi showing Rates of wages, Hours of work, Wages,
    paid date of payment of wages, Name & Addresses of Inspector, Date of payment of unpaid Wages
3. Form XIII, Register of workers, maintained by Contractor. 4. Form-XIV, To issue an employment Card to        each Contractual worker
5. Form XVI, Muster Roll
6. Form XVII, Register of Wages
7. Form XVIII, Register of Wages -Cum- Muster Roll
8. Form XIX, Wages Slip to be issued to Employee
9. Form XX, Register of deductions for damage or loss
10. Form XXI, Register of fines
11. Form XXII, Register of Advances
12. Form XXIII, Register of Overtime
13. Form XXIV, Return to be sent by the Contractor to the Licensing Officer

Following support is given on the Taxation & Insurance;

1. Income tax
2. TDS
3. Service tax
4. Professional tax
5. Accidental insurance
6. Term insurance
7. Workmen compensation
8. Fidelity & money in transit insurance


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