Payroll management

Payroll management

Non core processes consume a lot of time and resources of an organization. Out sourcing important core HR processes like Payroll Management is a good idea to stream line the work flow.  Primeone offers Payroll Management Solutions to its clients, so that they can outsource the process and concentrate on their job.

Primeone handles the Payroll process from the beginning to the end. You just have to provide us with the employee compensation details and we will take care of:

  1. Salary Payments

  2. Salary slip generation

  3. Tax Deductions & Consulting

  4. Form 16

  5. Accounting Summary

Primeone handles almost all of the HR processes for its clients. We have been providing managed solutions since 2005 and have pioneered in the industry with our world class services. With almost 10 years of growing business and satisfied clients, we are sure we can provide solutions to all kinds of management issues. Primeone can become your managing partner and help you achieve your goals by taking care of all the backend processes.

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