HR Consulting Services

HR Consulting Services

Primeone takes the responsibility of the HR processes of their clients. We take up everything from resume hunting to the Full and Final settlement of a leaving employee. The HR processes are tedious and need a skilled team which can execute it professionally. Our HR team is made up of some of the most experienced HR professionals of the country. Once you hand over the HR processes to us, Primeone stands between you and your workforce.

HR processes are the core rules that stand behind the functioning of an organization. These set processes need some changes as the companies grow and rules change. Primeone assists its clients in re doing its policies too. We help the management to give a makeover to the policies that are not efficient anymore. We also help new companies lay down policies and rules from the scratch.

Primeone has a team that consists of experts from all the levels of the corporate world. They have a combined experience of over 40 years and know the industry from inside and out. If you are a new set up and in need of all kinds of management policies, Primeone can help you out and if you are an old set up in need of a new set of policies, Primeone team is all set to help you out.

What We Do
Design or Re design

  1. HR Policies (Old or New)

  2. Admin Policies

  3. Compensation and Benefits Policies

  4. Manpower Planning

  5. Salary Structures

  6. PMS (Performance Management System)

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