Facilities Management

Facilities Management

When you set up an office, you need work force to maintain it too. There are some processes that need to be followed so as to ensure the smooth working of the company. Small things like coffee machines or clean toilets matter a lot.

Primeone provides the option of Facilities Management to its clients. We take up everything from maintaining the premises to temp office staff, for our clients. Once Primeone has been hired, you will never have to worry about the routine jobs as you go on and take over the world.

We don’t just help in maintenance, we help set up too. If you are planning to start a new office, Primeone can help you set up your site from the scratch. We come with the complete experience to install world class set ups and maintain them. You just have to give us the location and your idea of the workplace and our workforce will make your dream come true.

Our team of experts, know the nuances of facilities management and take care of every bit of the process. From installation to every day execution, you can outsource it all to Prime One and concentrate on your business.

What We Do

  1. Negotiations for new Premises / Office

  2. Provision of Appliances

  3. Interior Designing & Other furniture

  4. Drafting of Agreement

  5. Registration of Agreement

  6. Hospitality (pantry / Water)

  7. Provision of office boys

  8. Day to Day up-keep

  9. Maintenance & Security


Man Power Training

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Sanjeev Jain

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