About us

About us

As you spawn new businesses, the need to rapidly establish an HR infrastructure without raiding the talent of parent organizations is imminent. Overall cost pressures are forcing you to identify new methods for cutting administrative expenses.

As new competitors enter the market, particularly those with lower labor costs, your profit margins are put at risk, prompting you to examine closely all activities where cost reduction is possible.

Primeone provides the leverage of cost base and experience of an outside provider, to potentially lower the cost of delivering HR services, while maintaining or improving service levels. We can help reduce the risks associated with business volatility.

Having gone through numerous hiring/layoff cycles. We can help to increase process capacity without commensurate increases in full-time headcount. With the right blend of cost, service levels, experience and economies of scale we allow you to move away from administrative activities and focus on more strategic issues.







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Primeone Workforce Pvt.Ltd, 

Primeone has been an innovator in the HR world since its inception, introducing several new concepts like Facilities, Management & HR Process Outsourcing. Because our business is about meeting and anticipating the needs of employers and job candidates, our service offering has greatly evolved to meet the challenges of today’s contemporary world of work. The new brand aligns the company we are today with the image we project in the marketplace and our future aspirations.

Sanjeev Jain

Director@ Primeone